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Blush Tips: 

First thing's first, to be good at using something, you need to understand what it is. So...what's the purpose of blush? 

Blush is used to add color back into your face after you've smoothed out all the imperfections and color with your foundation. It makes your cheeks appear more rosy and more defined. 

Blush belongs on the apple of your cheeks. It should look like the sun bent over and kissed you. In other  words, your cheeks should give the illusion that you've just jogged up a staircase or run down a driveway.

You're going for rosy, not red. 

Oval: Lucky you, you've got the easiest! Simply smile and add a little color the apples of your cheeks, being careful not to place it too close to your nose or too high on your face. 

Round: To make a round face look more narrow, sweep the blush from the apples of your cheeks to your temples. 

Square: To soften a square jawline, keep the blush focused on the apples of the cheeks, sweeping the remainder towards your temples. 

Heart: For a heart-shaped face, blend the blush under the natural line of your cheekbones. It will reduce the harshmness of a pointy chin!

Oblong: To balance a narrow face, keep your blush horizontal. Make sure you blend well to avoid the eye look that the football players rock!

The ideal blush makeup brush!

Last Minute Reminders...

  • Be careful that you don't place your blush too high! It is NOT supposed to be under your eyes for goodness sake, it belongs on your cheeks! 
  • Be mindful of how close you place your blush to your nose. There should be at least an inch between your nose and the start of your blush. 
  • Reds aren't a good blush choice, try pink or orange instead! 

I hope that helped to answer all your blush questions!!! Good luck ladies! 

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