Good Cheap Makeup Brands

There are many good cheap makeup brands out there, but you have to know where to look. 

Some cheap eye shadow products and foundations can actually break your face out - yikes! 

Here you'll learn where the best good cheap makeup brushes, products, and removers are! 

And, best of all, they're cheap! 

You can buy cheap makeup pretty but anywhere, as most of these brands can be purchased at your local Walgreen's or Target store. 

Cheap Makeup Brands: 

Elf Makeup:

Geez, I should be an Elf makeup spokesperson because I am forever raving about the quality of these products. Inexpensive doesn't always mean poor investment! 

They've expended their line to makeup brushes, eye shadow pallets, concealers, foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, blushes and pretty much anything else you can think of. I LOVE Elf products and have been collecting them for a while now!  

Maybelline Makeup:

Maybelline has been around for quite sometime now but I only recently started using their products. Now, I don't use that many of their products, but I swear by the ones that I do use. 

Their eyeliners and mascaras are fabulous and some of my favorite. They make some of the best eye liner pens and gels, which results in the crispest, most desirable eyeliner results. 

Covergirl Makeup:

Lips, liners, and lashes...

In my humble opinion, Covergirl makes great lip products, eyeliners, and mascaras. I've tried a couple of their foundations but wasn't crazy about them. 

Their lip balms are rather fabulous as well! 

Revlon Makeup:

I recently discovered the Revlon eyebrow pencils and fell in love! They're fabulous for filling in natural looking brows and won't leave any harsh lines. 

Of course, their eyeliner pencils, gels, and pens are rather awesome as well. 

This company also makes a lot of good eye shadow pallets, lipsticks, and nail products. 

Milani Makeup:

Milani makeup is something I just started using and really do love it. 

I have used a lot of their eyeliners, brow pencils, and lipsticks and love them! They have a large selection of colors, which is every girls dream. 

These products are just wee bit harder to find than the other four, but still a great company!

I hope you've enjoyed this page? Are there any other new (or old) cheap makeup brands out there that you love? Leave 'em in the comments for us to check out! 


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