Glitter eye makeup

Become a master of glitter eye makeup!

Today I will show you how to make your own glittery eye shadow so that it will last all day long! 

I am going to be using pink eye shadow in this tutorial, but any color will work in creating your smokey eye shadow masterpiece! 

Let's begin!

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Glitter eye makeup tutorial: 

Step One: 

The first thing you're going to want to do is apply eye shadow to the eye. I decided on a pink smokey eye, so I used pink shadow here but feel free to use any color that you desire. 

Step Two:

This is the second step and it's wildly important! I ALWAYS outline where I want the black shadow to fall. I do this very softly with a black eye brow pencil. 

Step Three: 

Once you've outlined, it's super simple to go a head and fill in the outlined area with black eye shadow. I use a ultra fine eyeliner brush to fill the area that I want and nothing more. 

Step Four: 

Now it's time to grab your favorite form of eyeliner and line your eye, making sure to extend the wing out all the the way to the end of the shadow. For more on eyeliner types and styles, check out this page right here

Step Five: 

At this point you're ready to line your bottom lid. I did this quite softly and used a soft black eyeliner pencil to line the inside of my bottom eyelid.  

Step Six:

Add glitter! I used pink eyeliner glitter and added it right over my pink eye shadow. After that I added mascara and called it a day! Remember that you can experiment with different shadows and liners! 

Well, there you have it! I hope that you found this helpful and inspiring! Please keep in mind that there are a million and one different ways to experiment and play with glitter, and this is just one way that I really like.

Of course, I only wear glitter where I'm painting the town red or for shows or on dress up day or something. This is NOT a everyday look nor do I recommend that you try.

Don't be that person

Lol enjoy! 


Will you be trying this tutorial? If so, with what colors?!

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