Hard Candy Makeup

Hard Candy makeup is famous for their glitter eye makeup selection, as well as for their concealers! 

They make the prettiest glitter eye shadow palettes and glitter eye liner products! 

These products are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, so they're very affordable. 

Here is a quick overview of some of their products! 

Hard candy makeup:

This company does more than makeup, but makes and sells nail polishes, tops, bottoms, and eyeglasses as well. 


There are a lot of different Hard Candy face products to satisfy all your makeup desires. 

They make the following: blush, bronzer, concealer, foundation, luminizer, makeup remover, powder, and primer.  

The very first bronzer I ever used was made by HC, and the reason why I love bronzers today!

Their concealer "Glamoflauge" provides 100% coverage over birthmarks, freckles, and even tattoos! One the best things they ever made! 


HC makes some of the prettiest eye shadows on the market today. They have several different eye shadow palettes, as well, that create some absolutely stunning results! 

I've collected all their palettes already - their purple called "Smoke Out" is my very favorite!

An awesome thing about their palettes is that they each have ten different shades in them -

 including colors in shimmer, glitter, and matte.  Smoke Out, Pinking of You, Green with Envy, Feeling Blue, and Naturally Gorgeous are the names of their palettes. 

They also have eye liner pencils, pens, and liquids in all different colors and shades. 

The last thing I'll say about their eye products is that they're mascaras come in many different colors, as well - how cool! 


HC makes some super pretty, super sparkly nail polishes. 

I like doing all my fingers a red or pink, and then my love finger (my ring finer) one of the HC polishes to make it really strand out. 

Their polishes have different finishes like glitter, confetti, chrome, sparkles and pop art. 

All in all, their polishes are my favorite next to their shadows! 


HC sells the three major lip products - lip balm, lip stick, and lip gloss. 

They have several different matte finish products to choose from, which are my favorite. 

They also have ombre lipsticks! 

Well, there you have it - a quick overview of the company and the products that they carry. 

I hope you found this enlightening! 

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