How to Apply Concealer the Right Way

Ready to learn how to apply concealer the correct way?

There are a lot of different types of concealer out there, so it's super easy to get confused on what's the best concealer to use for contouring vs hiding dark under circles and all that. 

Here you can check out my concealer tips to help you on your way to being flawless. 

Hope this helps!

So, what is concealer? This amazing little product is used to cover up blemishes, pimples, acne, and red bumps to hopefully make your skin look more even. 

Foundation and concealer go hand-in-hand to assist in you putting your best face forward. 

Your face is often the first thing that people notice, so it's normal to want to dress it up the best that you can. 

Learning How to Apply Concealer:

1). You may need several different ones. I personally use two different concealers for my skin on a regular basis. I use the heavier one called Elf Essential Cover Everything (you can learn more about Elf Makeup right herefor my brows and then a lighter one called LA Girl Pro Conceal for under my eyes and light contouring.

2). Moisturize first. Concealer, like most facial products, will settle into those uneven areas and wrinkles and might even make them stand out more! Make sure that you prime your skin first with your choice of a facial moisturizer. 

3). Dot all over your face. Especially if your concealer is on the thicker side, you'll need to dot it all over before you start working it in. Using a stipple brush (you can learn more about brushes right here) and stamp it in has been very helpful for me. 

4). Blend for dear life. For goodness sake, put your makeup brushes and tools to good use! It's super important to find your weapon of choice and to learn how to the use it to the best of your ability, whether it be a make up sponge, brush, or disposable pad.   

5). Get your set on. Make sure that you go back and set your face with a setting powder! This will help to keep you looking all flawless and perfect all day long! 

Well, I really hope that helped! 

You can always go back and add a little more color in with a little makeup blush

Good luck ladies! Leave questions below. 

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