So, wondering how to apply eye liner?

Luckily, there are many different eye liner techniques out there, so it shouldn't be hard to find one that fits your skill level and style.

Here we're gonna discuss what's the best liquid eye liner to use as well as when to use eye pencil liner or eye liner gel.

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How to Apply Eye Liner:

Learning how to apply eye liner really isn't that hard, but definitely takes a little bit of practice to figure out what suits you best.

Find a place that has good lighting (usually by a window or in a bathroom) and a place where you can rest your elbow as your practice, like at a table or bathroom counter top.

Take your time and don't give up!

  1. The first thing you'll want to do is draw out a thin, even line. Start right above your pupil and begin drawing your line, then go in again this time closer towards the inner corner and drag the line out, then on your third sweep go ahead and go all the way to the innermost corner and sweep it out.
  2. Secondly, go ahead and make the little tail part of the design.
  3. For the third part, bring the outermost part of the wing in towards right above your eye.
  4. Now go back and fill in any empty sections and thicken up any thin lines.
  5. Add mascara and you're done!

Types of Eyeliner:

There are four commonly used types of eyeliners out there right now; pencil, pen, liquid, and gel. Each one of these serves the same basic purpose but each has different pros and cons.

1. Liquid Eyeliner Pen... This option offers the most control and is a great choice for makeup beginners. It glides on smoothly and less messy than using a brush with liner. You can find this option at your local Walgreens or Target and will usually set you back about $5.00. A great choice and a personal favorite! Keep in mind that these were designed for the top lid only!

2. Liquid Eyeliner Brush... This choice is very similiar to the gel and brush option, the main difference being that this type is typically cheaper and does not have the matte finish. The liquid eyeliner brush option can get a bit messy and can smear easily. This works best on the top lid and you can purchase anywhere for about $5.00.

3. Eye Pencil Liner... For lining the bottom lid or for doing a smokey eye, using a pencil liner will give you the best results. Pencil makes a great choice if you want to line your eyes without the "wing" effect. Pencil is the cheapest option and you can get them anywhere for roughly $1.00. Keep sharpened for the best results.

4. Eye Liner Gel... If this option didn't require such skill, I would wear it every day. Using eye liner gel with a brush provides the most matte, smooth, even finish out of all the options. Typically the most expensive, about $7.00, gel requires the highest skill level out of all the liners and is also the hardest to remove.

Well, I hope that answered any burning eye liner questions that you may have had as well as opened your eyes up a bit to options you might not have know you had.

What's your favorite type of liner and why?

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