5 Make Up Must Haves to Put Your Best Face Forward:

Check out these 5 Make Up Must Haves to put your best face forward! 

Okay, okay, so you might not own the top mascara or know all of the hottest eyeliner styles, but just knowing a few hot makeup tips can make a world of a difference! 

Learning how to use these five products will definitely help you out! 

Alright then, let's jump in...

5 Make Up Must Haves to Put Your Best Face Forward:

Okay, so, you're ready to starting wearing but where on earth do you start?! 

Highlighter, blush, bronzer, countour, lip gloss, luminize, brighteners, face palettes, primers, face powders... There is a lot! 

I've complied a very short list of what you need to get started into the wonderful world of being a woman! 


1). Foundation

Unless you're one of those lucky girls who has perfect skin 365 days a wear, it's always a good idea to have a foundation or two on hand. 

Finding your right foundation shade can be a little tricky, so don't get discouraged if it takes a few tries. 

Luckily, most make up stores have sales people on hand to help match you to your right shade! 

When in doubt, go for a powder product over a liquid, as there a little bit easier to match. 

2). Concealer

Concealers are great for people with acne/pimple-prone skin. 

As an aspiring model, I like to keep concealer around to help hide those annoying blemishes that heavy stage makeup cause. 

If you're feeling daring, you can use your concealer to learn how to contour your face, but I'll save that how-to for another post! 

Concealer is always great for hiding tattoos for work! 

3). Mascara

When I'm feeling super lazy, I will wear nothing but mascara

And clothes. 

Remember those cartoons you used to watch and the biggest difference between the male and females were that the girls had super long lashes? 

I figure that that means the longer the lashes, the more woman you are, right? 

4). Eyeliner




Where on earth would I be without my precious eyeliner

My absolute favorite type of make up to wear! 

I have eyeliner in every type of form (pencil, pen, gel, and liquid) and I love to try out different eyeliner styles to help keep me from getting bored with life! 

5). Lipstick

I love lipsticks! Purple lips, orange lips, pink lips, oh my! 

I'm not crazy about the wet, gross feeling of lip glosses, but really like adding that extra little bit of sexy to my lips! 

Sadly, my boyfriend always ruins whatever lipstick I chose to wear, but that never stops me from trying again and again! 


Well folks, I guess that's about it! 

Not too hard, right?!

Hope you've enjoyed! 

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