Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Wondering about all the different makeup brushes and their uses?

There are so many different types of makeup brushes that it's easy to get overwhelmed. 

Well, now you don't have to be. Here we will break it all down for you in a way that actually makes sense. 

Welcome to your one stop shop for all things brushes! 

Makeup brushes and their uses:

Appearing in alphabetical order...

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Angled Brush: This type of brush can be used for a several different things, typically used on the cheekbone area for contouring. 

Blending Brush: Blending brushes are usually used on the eyes for blending or smudging different eye shadows together. For more on eye shadows, go to this page here.

Blush Brush: Or a 'tapered brush' or a 'rounder brush'. Regardless on what you call it, this brush is often used to apply blush to the apples of thine cheeks! 

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Bronzing Brush: Ah, I love the feel of a fresh bronzing brush! This fabulousness right here is used to adding just a smudge of broznor to your face!

Eyeliner Brush: You can find the eyeliner with the brushes included pretty much anywhere, but you can also buy these brushes independently. 

Eye Shadow Brush: Believe it or not, but you use an eye shadow brush to apply eye shadow to your eyelids. It's pretty life changing when you think about it. 

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Fan Brush: You can use this brush to a apply just a hint of blush, contouring, or foundation. You can also use it remove excess product without messing up all your work! 

Foundation Brush: I use mine when I use liquid foundation and need to actually blend it into my skin. 

Kabuki Brush: I just bought my very first one quite recently and love it! It's fabulous for blending in power products like foundation! 

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Lashes Brush: Not to be confessed with a spoolie, I use mine to smooth my brows all sorts of ways before trimming. 

Lip Defining Brush: Pretty self-explanatory. This is used to apply product to your lips! 

Mascara Wand: Used to apply mascara to lashes and used to smooth brows before trimming. 

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Powder Brush: Quite similar to the Kabuki brush which the exception of the brush handle being longer. Used to apply powder products to the face. 

Shadow Sponge: I thought that this was the coolest thing ever when I first started doing my makeup but I don't used them now that I have more brushes. This is basically used to apply eye shadow to your eyelids.  

Square Foundation Brush: I personally have never used one of these, but a few of my makeup artists friends do and love them. They are used the same way that a rounded foundation brush is used. 

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Stipple Brush: One of my Mac friends got me hooked on these brushes and I really like them. I use mine to mush my liquid products in before I go ahead a blend. I feel like it allows for that really soft contouring that I love. 

Ultra Fine Brush: You can use this brush to apply eyeliner if you're going for that super thin look! 

I really hope that clarified some of the most common makeup brushes and their uses! 

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