Looking for good cheap make up? Check out the Milani make up line! 

Milani makeup hit the market around 2002, making it fairly new to the cosmetic world. 

Here I will be talking about my very favorite Milani products - I hope you enjoy! 

And be sure to let me know if any of your favorites made my list. 

Milani Make up favs:

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1 - Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eye Shadow: The Bella gel shadows are my number one favorite Milani product on the market right now! I love how they glide on smoothly and leave your lids with the brightest of shades. 

Although my favorite one of their shadows is the Rich Purple Satin Matte, every single one of their shades has a very special place in my heart! Need eye shadow tips?! Go here for a little! 

2 - Brow Fix Brow Shaping Kit: Dear Lord Jesus, any product that can help with my brows is either on my dresser or in my bathroom. This is one of the first little brow kits that I got. 

I love that it has all the necessary products in their to get your brows on the right track! Everything is labeled and packaged together, so I would definitely recommend this to a makeup beginner! 

3 - Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner: Because I need all the eye liners in the world - duh! This one goes on very evenly and lasts all day long. Win-win! 

It's easy to find and has been quite faithful to me for a while now. The only thing that is a turn off is that it only comes in one shade, which is blackest black, which might not work for people with fairer skin. Make sure you check out our page on different eyeliner styles right here

4 - Bronzer XL All Over Glow: One of my dearest friends from Paul Mitchell (Hey there Bri Bri!) got me hooked on this bronzer. It is really, REALLY great for more with more warm undertones! 

Just grab your favorite bronzing brush (for more on different make up brushes, click here) and get fancy!

5 - Color Statement Lip Make Up Bag: I have two of these and I love them both! My red is called my 'Lips back'  and I keep in my car to hold all my lovely chapsticks and lipsticks. It's just fab. 

And my purple one is called my 'lady bag' which I keep in my purse to carry tampons, ibuprofen, and all that fun lady stuff.  

Well, I think that should just about cover it! As you can see, I haven't branched that far into all the Milani products, but the ones that I have tried I loved! 

What is your favorite Milani product!? Which one are you going to try next?!

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