Different Types of Mascara

There are so many different types of mascara out there! 

Trying to decide between a smudge-proof mascara versus a lash curler mascara?

Wondering what's the best lengthening mascara

I will answer all of those questions and so much more right here and now! 


Learn the Eight Types of Mascara:

It's actually quite important to know what the different types of mascaras can and can not do, that way you can always achieve the results you're looking for. 

Knowing what makeup products to look for before you actually walk into the store is one the best ways to leave satisfied! 

1). Lengthening Mascaras

These types of mascaras add actual length to your eyelashes.

These mascaras contain something called plastic polymers, which are made of nylon or rayon that cling to the lashes and extend beyond the tip. 

This gives the illusion of longer lashes! 

2). Thickening / Volumizing Mascara

My favorite type, these bad boys make even the thinnest of lashes all thick and plump! 

These products are forulated with silicone polymers and waxes to add bulk, plus darker and stronger pigments for a more dense look.

Volume? Yes, please! 

3). Curling Mascara

These mascaras are great for people who have straight or less-defined lashes. 

They contain filmifying polymers (try saying that three times fast!) that contrast once you've applied the product, making the lashes lift and shrink to more pronounced shape. 

The shape of the curved applicator brush also helps to further define! 

4). Smudge-Proof Mascara

A fabulous choice for people who work outdoors, in high humidity, or around children or animals who might feel the need to rub against your eyes.

These products have a wax-oil base to make them water proof/resistant. 

These tend to be rather drying on your lashes, so use them sparingly! 

5). Waterproof Mascara

Don'tcha just love it when you get mascara stains on your favorite shirt? 

If you're heading into a wet, tearful, or sweaty situation, make sure that you've used a water-proof mascara to avoid embarrassing raccoon eyes! 

These products have a wax-oil base to make them water proof/resistant. 

6). Zero – Clumps Mascara

Because clumps are SOOOO last year! 

If you're having trouble getting your mascara to adhere without clumps, you might wanna invest in a clump-free or clump crusher formula. 

If you're still having trouble avoid clumps, it might be either the way you're putting it on or one of the ingredients in the product itself. Try one that contains glycerin and silk extracts! 

7). Lash Defining Mascara

These mascaras are your one stop shop for all things lashes, giving you best color, volume, and length! 

They have a slightly heavier and thicker consistency and most of them are waterproof, as their unique formulation can smudge when moisture is present. 

8). Eyebrow Mascara

What a fabulous invention indeed! 

These products were created to give your brows added color and to fill in any bare spots. 

These are specially made without adding any shine to brows, because no one wants sweaty brows! 

Well, that's about it! 

I hope that answered any questions you had concerning the different types of mascaras! 

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