What is Concealer & How do I Use It?

"What is concealer?"

"Should I use foundation or concealer first?"

I get so many questions concerning concealer that I figured now was the perfect time to write about it! 

I will answer that as well as go over the different types of concealer products out there, plus tips on choosing concealer for your skin tone! 

Can't wait to share!

What is Concealer & How do I Use It?

Ahh, what a great invention! 

This handy little product can transform even the baggiest, most tired looking eyes into a clear, even looking appearance. Seemingly wiping away red bumps, pimples, and those other unsightly blemishes.

Go one to two shades lighter than your actual tone. 

Your foundation should be your exact skin tone color packaged in a bottle but your concealer should be a shade or two lighter. The only exception to this rule is when you're using concealer to cover up pimples because you apply concealer after (AFTER I said, not before!!!) you've applied your foundation and you don't want that spot to stand out if at all possible. 

Most lighter woman need a yellow-based concealer while most darker, more tanned woman - such as myself! - need an orange based concealer. 

Yay! You're learning so much already! Feeling a little more confident yet??? 

This pic shows great concealer placement! 

There are many different types of concealers out there! Some woman like to use theirs to lighten the areas under their eyes - that's how I like to use mine! Others cover up pimples, tattoos, spider veins, or acne scars. There really is no wrong way to use this magical stuff! 

Here's a quick overview: 

  • Body...Veins be gone with this concealer choice! 
  • Correctors...Got extreme baggage? This is great for camouflaging extra dark under-eye circles. Pink tones and peach tones really love this one! 
  • Heavy Duty...If your work doesn't allow tattoos or if you're struggling to hide veins, you'll achieve the best results with this one! 
  • Under Eye...This is best for hiding those ugly under eye circles. Sorry, but this won't work well for redness or blemishes. Make another selection if that's what you'll be using it for! 
  • Yellow-Toned...Great for covering tats, blemishes, etc. as long as it matches your skin tone! 

Not too scary - right? 

I definitely recommend that you hit up your local Mac or Sephora store so you can try out several different choices before you have to purchase anything! 

If that's a little out of your comfort zone, pick out a few different choices from Target, keep the receipt and return all the ones that didn't work for you! 

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